How does the Montessori teacher discipline in the classroom?

Montessori classrooms treat children with respect and kindness.  Grace and courtesy are huge components of the Practical life area in the classroom; the children learn how to care for their environment, care for themselves, and care for each other.  In a Montessori classroom, the children are trusted to learn from their mistakes that they make and the Montessori teacher guides the child on how to choose the correct behavior by providing them with different lessons focusing on independence, self- regulation and respect.  The goal is not obedience, but self-discipline.  We do not use time out chairs, behavior charts, reward programs or punish a child’s behavior.  When a child needs to take a break, that child may go to the peace corner and reflect, count to ten or read the peace book.  When the child is ready to return to work, he/she can do so. 

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