How Montessori Develops Leaders

Dr. Maria Montessori, the creator of the Montessori Method, is renowned for her method of education.  While her visionary philosophy was based upon her observations of children over a 100 years ago, her approach is still applicable and relevant today. Montessori helps young children develop strong academic, emotional, and leadership skills by giving them opportunities for self-directed learning. Our philosophies and curriculum, particularly in the third-year cycle known as Kindergarten/Extended Primary, are based on the belief that children thrive and flourish when they are guided to develop into great leaders. This foundation for their success will serve them through all stages of their lives.

As a parent living your own successful life, you know that the value of a good education is not only about academic success but must also include preparation for the challenges in life beyond the classroom. As a preeminent preschool that has served the Chantilly area for many years, have confidence that enrolling your child at Villa Montessori Preschool can help them develop the knowledge, interpersonal skills, and character that make remarkable leaders. 

Here’s how our authentic Montessori curriculum and leadership go together.


Our classrooms are beautifully prepared environments which promote freedom of choice with limits.  Because children are given the opportunity to take initiative and be proactive in their own learning and in problem-solving, they develop into self-confident individuals who rely on intrinsic motivation to master lessons and challenging situations. This “can-do” mentality is a driving factor in building strong leaders. 

When children have a voice in how they learn, they also develop responsibility and accountability. They learn to take care of themselves and the classroom, to respect others, to develop a sense of order and balance for all things, and to realize self-worth through their contributions to the community and world around them. 

Early experiences of themselves as respected members in their family and classroom provide a foundation from which to approach the world at any age. Montessori children become highly principled individuals because they fully embrace that everyone (including themselves) is unique and offer different perspectives on life. This respect of differences leads to global awareness and cultural acceptance.

Mastery as a process

In Montessori, failure is not a word we use as it suggests defeat and not trying. The expression, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again,” epitomizes the Montessori philosophy. We recognize that mistakes happen. Children are people and people make mistakes. Montessori educators view mistakes as an opportunity to learn rather than failures. Children are given the freedom to make mistakes and the opportunity to correct them by themselves under the careful observation of their teacher. This process is called “control of error” and is built into all classroom work. The materials are self-correcting, meaning when a piece does not fit or is left over, the child is able to easily see his error. The child then corrects himself, learning to problem solve independently. Problem solving independently builds self-confidence and analytical thinking – all integral characteristics of a leader. 

Emotional Intelligence

When children are placed in mixed-age groups, they can observe older students’ modeling of acceptable behavior thus exposing them to how to apply appropriate interaction to everyday life. Additionally, older students in the final year of their Three-Year Cycle are given a very important and special role. They are the “Leaders” of the classroom. They now can share their experiences and knowledge with their younger classmates. This mentoring process allows them to develop their emotional intelligence – empathy, social skills, respect, self-confidence, self-awareness, and boundaries to name a few. 

Discover the advantages of a Montessori foundation for your child by scheduling a tour! We would love to show you how the Montessori Method and lifelong success go hand-in-hand. Our students develop a passion for learning that fosters innovative thinking and problem-solving – cornerstones of great leaders. Check out our great reviews from parents who are thrilled with the positive impact Villa Montessori and our accredited teachers have made on their children. 

We look forward to your visit!

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