Life of a Montessori Teacher

If you have an interest in becoming an educator, then you might consider teaching at a Montessori School. Montessori style learning is much different than other forms of education. The environment is more child-centered, and each child is given individualized attention. A typical day for a Montessori teacher is also very different when compared to teaching in other settings. Teachers are allowed to fully engage with their students, promote personal growth, and enrich lives without the strict and sometimes overbearing setting that other classrooms present.

Observing Children

The greatest portion of the day is spent observing the children while moving from one child to the next as necessary. A teacher might sit with a child or a group of children, while also paying attention to what is going on in other parts of the classroom at all times. Knowing what each child is working on, who they are working with, and whether they might need some redirection or refocusing are all things Montessori educators watch for.

Offering Activities

Montessori classrooms offer hands-on learning activities for children of all ages. As a Montessori teacher, he or she will offer many different activities for the students, encouraging each child to try something new and challenging. Encouraging a “can do” attitude is very important. The teacher is there to give a hand when necessary, but always encourages the child to give it their best shot.

Individualized Attention

Montessori teachers are skilled at learning the needs, capabilities, and interest of each student, and with smaller sized classrooms when compared to other schools, this is easier than one might think. Curriculum is based on the child’s current state of development and offers each individual child the attention they need for reaching his or her full potential.

The Little Things

Observation, lesson planning and direction, and personalized attention for each student are what most days consist of for Montessori educators. There are always the little things too, like accidents, emotions, and play that go into each day. Watching children learn while growing in confidence, social development, and academic achievement is what Montessori educators live for.

As a Montessori teacher, each day presents new opportunity for both teacher and student as all work together to create a nurturing, educationally-rich environment. The little smiles, laughs, and beams of pride at a job well done is what really ties it all together.

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