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You've read all about our programs, our teachers and our admissions process…now here's what parents have to say about us!

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Jennifer W.

My 23 month old Son started Villa Montessori in September. Because of his amazing teachers, we have already seen a tremendous change in his development and communication. We are so happy we chose this wonderful school. My son lights up when he sees Ms. Kimberly which makes drop off so easy. You can definitely feel the love for the children from the whole staff and we are blessed to be apart of the Villa family. Highly reputable and highly recommend.

Catherine H.

We are so happy our son goes to Villa Montessori. Ms. Faria is kind, thoughtful, and patient. TheTestimonialsenvironment is warm and oriented for learning and creativity. Thank you for being such a wonderful place for children to grow!

Danielle H.

I'm so happy that my kids are enrolled at Villa Leesburg. I am a product of a Montessori school and have always known that I will provide my kids with the same positive experience. My kids LOVE to go to school and it's really wonderful seeing their excitement when I drop them off in the morning. Villa administration and teachers are the best ever! They are attentive, patient, hands on, and knowledgeable. My kids started in August, and in just 3 months, their overall growth and confidence has improved dramatically. I love to hear what they learn each day, especially as they speak with such excitement! Villa Montessori is without a doubt the best place for my kids, and will be for yours too! I'm forever grateful to Villa staff for providing a positive educational experience and secure environment every day.


We love having our daughter at Villa Montessori! We started her when she was 2 and she’s already learned so many valuable skills like independent play, cleaning up after herself, learning to paint, use glue and scissors, the list goes on! Her teacher Ms. Rezvan is so sweet my daughter runs to give her a hug every morning now. We will he putting our second daughter in when she turns 18 months!

Hillary H.

Our 2 y/o has been attending VPM 2.5 months now. We are very happy with the school. The school is smaller and very clean and bright. It is clear how devoted and passionate the administration is to child care and development. We came from a beloved home daycare which we had been attending for 7+
years with all our kids. I was so nervous to move as I had such high expectations from our perfect current daycare (commute became too long). It was so hard to leave, but VMP has been a perfect fit from day one. Our daughter loves music and they play a mix of classical composers along with fun age-appropriate music. She has already learned so much and I love seeing her teachers light up when she walks in the room (as much as we love seeing her excited to arrive). Ms. Barbara is magical. She is so loving and invested in each of her classroom children. She works very hard to make sure our daughter gets exactly what she needs in her personal growth and helps to challenge her with her development. We love getting dozens of pictures each day show us exactly what she has been immersed in and lerarning. The daily reports also illustrate for us what she is working on and how we can reinforce new experiences at home. We feel really lucky to have found such a great fit.

Kelli W.

As a new mom, I have been extremely picky about my son's child care arrangements. This is the first time in 21 months that I have been completely comfortable dropping him off and going to work. Not only am I confident in the care he is receiving but he genuinely loves his teachers and friends in the toddler class room. I would highly recommend Villa to any parent looking for a nurturing and stimulating environment for their children.

Christine K.

This has been a great place for my son. He's really grown in the short time he's been there and the transition from daycare to preschool was seamless. He loves to go to preschool and get his work done every day. I'm very happy with our choice to go to VMP.

Melissa P.

My 2.5-year old twin boys joined Villa Montessori’s pre-primary program in October and they have Testimonialsprogressed so much in such a short time period. They are forming sentences, starting to say their ABCs and 123s, and interacting more with other children. I was nervous about putting them in a program since they were at home for the first 2.5 years, but the director, Miss Kimberly, put me at ease upon meeting her and touring the facility. The teachers, Miss Erin and Miss Danielle, are also wonderful. My boys adore them and love all the activities. They are so excited for school every morning. Villa Montessori is a blessing to our family.

Rumuny K.

As new parents, we had no experience . It was difficult to choose a location. We wanted a place that would be safe, educational, and close to home. We found what we were looking for and more with villa montessori ! Our daughter is being cared for by people that truly care about her and want to see her succeed in life. We love to hear daily about the things that she is experiencing and learning. We appreciate that the teachers are actually teaching and not just “watching” her.

Leigh M.

As a former preschool administrator and teacher myself, I can honestly say I'm very picky. I knew it'd be a difficult search for the perfect place when we moved to Leesburg. However, the first time I set foot in VMP I knew it was the place for us! The calm, organized, clean classrooms and wonderful teachers and staff have put me at total ease while I'm away from my son. We can't say enough about the Montessori curriculum, too! Our son adores all of his teachers and is learning SO much. We also appreciate the small class sizes, creative projects and daily communication including pictures! It's competitively priced and conveniently located. We're so happy with our choice of VMP!

Stacy T.

I think so many parents can relate to the worry associated with sending their baby off to school or daycare. Villa Montessori immediately took that worry away for me. When I drop off my little girl, I know she is safe and happy. There is no better feeling than knowing your child is safe and happy. In addition, she is absolutely thriving there—counting, colors, abc’s, painting, sorting, building friendships, showing empathy, physically more adventurous, finding her voice—the list goes on and on. I couldn’t recommend Villa Montessori more, they are amazing!

Erin C.

My daughter has been at Villa Montessori since they opened in September 2016. When she started at 16 months old she wasn't speaking at all and was very shy in social settings. Within a few weeks her language exploded and didn't want to leave when I came to pick her up in the afternoons. Over a year later she still loves coming to school. The work she does in the classroom has given her so much confidence and has instilled so much curiosity. It is wonderful to see her forming close friendships with both the other students in her class and with all the staff. I cannot thank Villa Montessori enough for all they have done for my daughter.

Lisa V.

Our daughter started at Villa a few months back and it has gone very well. Our expectations were high and so far they have exceeded them. We couldn’t be happier with the school and the staff as they have been very attentive to us and are all very warm & loving to the kids.  It has only been a few months but we’ve seen tremendous progress. Specifically, our daughter has become much more independent, has the curiosity to always want to “figure things out” without help from others and is motivated to go to school each day. As a parent I can’t express enough how grateful we are to know that our daughter is at a place where they develop, challenge and love all if the kids. Most importantly, a place that our daughter is happy to go to each day.

Jessica S.

My family and I are new to the area and were looking for a new school for our daughter. She hadn't had a lot of socialization prior to our move and we were nervous about finding the right fit and how she may react to all of the other children. She has been attending Villa Montessori for about six months now and I honestly have nothing but good things to say about them. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. They have been wonderful to work with and my daughter absolutely loves going to school everyday. The socialization, as well as the education, are second to none and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new school for their child.

Nadine N.

I wanted to tell you that you have a wonderful staff of teachers. I have to let you know that Ms. Erin is a treasure. She was so involved and kept us so informed about Liam's progress it was a true pleasure to have her watch over our son. She gives so much individual attention and instruction to each of her kids, you can really see the love she has for each them. When we left Liam with her we felt like she really was engaged in helping him become an intelligent and independent thinker. She took a vested interest in Liam's education and did an exceptional job keeping him engaged, challenged and excited. She knows that what she does is forming the core of these children's personalities and it is obvious she takes that responsibility seriously.

Leigh M.

We LOVE preschool so much, thanks to you and the staff for being so awesome!  We can't believe how much Daniel has grown in the short time he's been attending Villa Montessori!  His language has exploded and he takes initiative to “help” with cleaning up dinner and even loves to help us feed and get water for the dog!

Shiva M.

Hi, I just wanted to tell you how proud we were at Sam's Kindergarten Assessment/Screening in Round Hill Elementary School. He was very well behaved and answered all the questions correct. They told us he is advanced and ready for Kindergarten. Villa Montessori is a big part of Sam's well-behaved and improved early education. Sheila- your personality and knowledge was the reason I decided to enroll Sam & Soren at Villa Montessori and I couldn't be more excited/thrilled when I found out Ms. Beverly has joined the school. Thank you for creating a safe, fun and educational environment for my boys!!

Shiva M.

We have been a part of Villa Montessori Leesburg since January 2017 and could not have chosen a better place for our boys. From our first day, the director and staff have cared for our boys and we can clearly see the commitment and dedication they have to create fun and educational environment for our children. My 5 year old talks about school and fun projects that they have every day and I can see the huge improvement in my very shy 2.5 year old. I have to add that the owner is also very involved and all of the teachers are well experienced and very kind and patient. We highly recommend Villa Montessori of Leesburg for high quality education and nurturing environment they have. They do follow and demonstrate Montessori rules and routines!!

Barbara W.

Fantastic school! The teachers are amazing, the Director is extremely hands on, and the owners are there a lot as well playing and helping out in the classrooms. We made the move over 4 months ago and are so happy we did. Highly recommend anyone looking for not just a daycare, but a school.

Sarah H.

Finding a quality daycare is one of the biggest challenges a mom faces, but to find a daycare that is affordable, offers extensive learning opportunities, and reinforces the values we have at home is really rare. The teachers create interactive lessons to teach the children about science, art, math, language skills, proper socialization and so many other engaging and valuable lesson plans. I cannot believe how much he has learned in such a short period of time! The best part – he is playing and learning at the same time 🙂

Villa Montessori has exceeded every expectation we've had for a daycare, and our son absolutely loves every single day he spends with his friends and wonderful teachers. On weekends, he asks me if we can go to school because he misses his teachers! This is truly a unique experience that we have had, and we wish we would have started him much sooner at this school. We look forward to sending our new little one to this school too!

Barbie R.

We have seen our daughter flourish since enrolling at Villa Montessori last Fall. It’s exceptional to see a four year genuinely excited about learning. Aside from being an aesthetically beautiful space, the school truly offers a warm and fun learning environment for the kids.

From the administration to the educators, the school maintains an impeccable level of communication, posting photos and updates throughout the day on the Villa Montessori online portal. Sheila, the school’s director radiates warmth and excitement, bringing a special energy to the classroom.

I highly recommend taking a tour of the school and experiencing firsthand what Villa Montessori has to offer.

Christina G.

Villa Montessori Preschool is so amazing, I would recommend to anyone else near or far! The arts and science Reggio incorporation is everything I expected and I am confident my child will learn, grow, prosper and be ready to excel as she gets older!


​”Great location! Lots of wonderful natural light in the classroom, well maintained and clean. Very prompt and organized with all personal correspondence so parents won't miss anything, thanks to the wonderful director. Amazingly caring teachers that are warm and welcoming. We're always greeted with a smile and conversation. Yummy and healthy organic snacks/lunches are available. In the little time we have attended, I can already see my little man becoming more independent and building friendships with his classmates. He can't wait to get out of bed in the morning and get ready to go to his school and play. And did I mention… the playground is awesome! We are very happy!”


“This school is wonderful! My son loves the school and had so much fun on his first day. He cannot wait to go back! Thank you for making this such an amazing experience!”


“One of the very best decisions I ever made as a parent was to have Sheila Huyett as a Montessori teacher for two of my kids. I only regret not finding her sooner so my oldest could have benefited from her incredible teaching. Her curriculum incorporates the Montessori philosophy complemented with a modern and creative approach, which made for an easy transition into the public school system. The days were always filled with art, science, math, music, reading, and creative play, but at a level of sophistication that was astonishing. Not only does Sheila assure that each child reaches his/her highest individual potential, she believes possibilities are endless if children are given the exposure to learn about the world around them. Her warmth and positive energy engages children and instills the love of learning. My 12 year old still considers “Ms. Sheila” as her all time favorite teacher… Truly an experience to last a lifetime! This school is so fortunate to have her.”