What are you doing in terms of COVID?


Villa Montessori is in full compliance with Virginia’s Emergency Temporary Standards law.  As such, our teachers and staff have been extensively trained on signs and symptoms of COVID and what to do in a situation where someone exhibits symptoms while in the school.  

Our top priority is safety.  To that end, we require anyone entering our school to answer a self-check questionnaire.  Temperature checks are taken at the door.  All adults are required to wear masks while in the school at all times – this includes teachers, staff, and parents.  We also have a very rigorous disinfecting and sanitizing protocol using EPA-approved disinfectant on all high touch areas including materials/toys used by the children.  Additionally, Villa Montessori has invested in electrostatic sprayers which disinfect and sanitize an entire room quickly and efficiently in a matter of minutes.  The sprayer emits a fine sanitizing mist that is both EPA-approved and food safe.  We are able to sanitize materials, cots, floors, etc. with ease.  We also have multiple hand washing breaks throughout the day and we reinforce daily to the children to try not to touch their faces.   We educate them about when they should wash their hands outside of the scheduled hand washing times.  Further, we are conducting virtual tours at the moment in order to minimize exposure within our building and have temporarily ceased our catered lunch program.  

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