What is a typical day in the Primary classroom?

The children come in and are greeted by the teacher.  Children wash their hands.  They begin their three-hour work cycle that focuses on the five main areas of the classroom: Practical Life, Sensorial, Math, Language, and Science/Geography.  During that three-hour work cycle, the child will pick a work that has already been presented to them by their teacher and will work at their own pace.  The child could also get a new lesson from the teacher during this time. During the work cycle, the child will have morning snack and go outside for a half-hour.  After the work cycle, the children complete circle time and then have lunch.  Nap is a two-hour period followed by afternoon snack and then our Reggio inspired program.  After Reggio, the children go outside and then all Montessori materials are put away and 5:00 toys come out. 

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